Best Asian restaurants in Ahlen (Westphalia).

On this page you will find the best Asian restaurants in Ahlen Westfalen. Ahlen has a good food culture to offer and so the Asian restaurants are something special.

Top Asia Restaurant in Ahlen: Asia Restaurant Katana

The Japanese restaurant Katana in Ahlen is something very special. The ambience is stylishly furnished and the delicious Japanese food is simply delicious. Katana is by far the best Asian restaurant in the entire region.

Homepage of Asia Restaurant Katana, upscale Japanese in Ahlen (


Restaurant Mongolia

The Mongolia restaurant offers all kinds of Chinese and Mongolian dishes. Mongolian cuisine is closely related to Chinese. At Restaurant Mongolia you only get the best food.

Chinese Restaurant Hu

The China Restaurant Hu offers very good quality food in Ahlen. The Chinese food is delicious and wholesome. The restaurant is well known for its fresh food.

chef chef arranging delicious asian dishes at the table.