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We have a team of experienced food critics who visit the restaurants and check their quality, service and atmosphere. We make sure only the best restaurants are on our list so you can rest assured that you will always enjoy a great meal.

Our website also offers recipes and tips for preparing Asian dishes at home. Here you'll find everything from traditional recipes to modern interpretations of Asian cuisine.


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With you have access to the best Asian restaurants near you and can be confident that you will always enjoy a great meal. Visit us today and discover the culinary diversity of Asia!

The pages of contain many opportunities for going out, eating and celebrating. The directory leads to the culinary online world. AsiaFood-Curator runs many restaurants from the Far East. All restaurants always strive to offer traditional dishes from the Asian region.

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The culinary diversity of Asia.

Experience the culinary world of Asia with all its flavors and delights.

The culinary guide takes you into a world of pleasures and desires and of course good food.

Traditional Asian dishes are now offered worldwide and are considered healthy.

Asia is known for its diverse and rich cuisine that spans many countries and regions.

Each country and region has its own culinary tradition and its own typical dishes and ingredients.

Some well-known Asian cuisines include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines.

These cuisines are characterized by the use of fresh ingredients, spices and flavors, usually grown locally. Some of the most famous dishes from Asia include sushi, ramen, pho, pad thai, laksa, nasi goreng, tom yum goong, Peking duck, dim sum and many more.

Through certain cooking methods, the vitamins are retained in Asian dishes in all Asian snack bars and restaurants. is a service from

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