Best Asian restaurants in Beckum (Westphalia) top 2.

Below we present the 2 best Asian restaurants in Beckum. Beckum is a small town in Westphalia in Münsterland. Nevertheless, the small town has two delicious Asian restaurants that make it into our top list.

The Great Wall of China in Neubeckum.

The Chinese food at the restaurant the Chinese Wall in Neubeckum simply tastes great. The restaurant is known among connoisseurs throughout the region. It has been in Neubeckum for many decades and is run with a lot of family tradition.

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Asia Imbiss Saigon in Beckum.

The asia snack bar Saigon has been offering a Vietnamese delivery service for Beckum for many years. All dishes are always freshly prepared and you can taste it. The delivery service is fast and reliable.

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Address: Stromberger Str. 135 Beckum

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