The top 10 list of the best Asian restaurants in Bielefeld

Asian cuisine is diverse, delicious and healthy. Whether sushi, curry, dim sum or pho, there is something to discover for every taste. There are some great Asian restaurants in Bielefeld that offer authentic specialties from different countries. Here are our top 10 tips for the best Asian restaurants in Bielefeld.

1. Sushi Factory: This modern restaurant offers fresh and creative sushi in different variations. From classic maki and nigiri to unusual creations like the Dragon Roll or the Crunchy Tuna Roll, every sushi lover will get their money's worth here. The Sushi Factory is centrally located on Jahnplatz and also has a terrace for sunny days.

2. curry & Co: If you fancy Indian cuisine, Curry & correct. The restaurant serves aromatic curries, tandoori dishes, naan bread and more. The portions are generous and the prices are fair. The ambience is cozy and colorful, with Indian decorations and music.

3. Asia Wok: For a quick and cheap snack, Asia Wok is a good choice. The restaurant offers various wok dishes with chicken, beef, pork or tofu, as well as noodles, rice and salads. The ingredients are fresh and the sauces are homemade. You can put together your own dish or choose from the menu.


4. Pho Ngon: Pho Ngon is a Vietnamese restaurant best known for its pho soups. Pho is a strong broth with rice noodles, meat or vegetables and fresh herbs. The restaurant also offers other Vietnamese specialties such as summer rolls, banh mi or bun bo. The restaurant is small but cozy and has friendly service.

5. Thai Orchid: Thai Orchid is a traditional Thai restaurant that offers a wide range of dishes from the local cuisine. From spicy soups and salads to fried noodles and rice to curry and fish dishes, you can find everything a Thailand fan's heart desires here. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and has a pleasant atmosphere.

6. Sakura: Sakura is a Japanese restaurant that, in addition to sushi, also offers other dishes such as ramen, teriyaki or tempura. The restaurant is modern and elegantly designed and has an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs preparing food. The quality of the ingredients is high and the presentation of the food is appealing.

7. China Garden: China Garden is a Chinese restaurant that offers classic dishes from different regions of China. From Peking duck to chop suey to dim sum, there is a diverse selection of meat, fish and vegetable dishes here. The restaurant is large; and bright and has a beautiful garden area.

8. Kimchi: Kimchi is a Korean restaurant best known for its grilled dishes. You can grill your own meat or vegetables at the table or order them from the menu. The restaurant also offers other Korean specialties such as bibimbap, kimchi or mandu. The ambience is modern and cosy.

9. Bamboo: Bamboo is an Asian fusion restaurant that combines dishes from different countries such as Japan, Thailand or India. The restaurant has a stylish design and an open kitchen. The menu offers an interesting mix of sushi, curry, noodles and salads. The portions are large; and the prices reasonable.

10. Namaste: Namaste is a Nepalese restaurant that offers exotic cuisine with influences from India and Tibet. The restaurant serves a variety of meat and vegetable curries, lentil soups, flatbreads and rice dishes. The spices are mild to spicy and the sauces are creamy. The restaurant is small but cozy and has a warm atmosphere.