The top 10 list of the best Asian restaurants in Bochum

Bochum is a city with a diverse and lively gastronomy scene that has something to offer for every taste. The Asian restaurants are particularly popular, offering a wide range of delicious specialties from Chinese and Indian to Thai and Vietnamese. In this blog post we introduce you to the top 10 best Asian restaurants in Bochum that you should definitely try.

1. Asia Wok: This restaurant offers fresh and authentic wok dishes that you can put together according to your taste. You choose from different types of meat, fish and vegetables, as well as different sauces and spices. The food is prepared and hot right in front of you. served. A real treat for all wok fans.

2. Namaste: If you're in the mood for Indian cuisine, Namaste is the place for you. The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary dishes from different regions of India, prepared with fresh ingredients and aromatic spices. Whether you want to eat spicy or mild, vegetarian or with meat, you will find something to suit every taste here. Try, for example, the Butter Chicken, the Lamb Korma or the Dal Makhani.

3. Sushi Factory: For all sushi lovers, the Sushi Factory is a must. The restaurant offers a huge selection of fresh and high quality sushi that you can either à You can order la carte or all-you-can-eat. In addition to the classic sushi rolls, there are also creative creations such as the Crunchy Roll, the Spicy Tuna Roll or the Rainbow Roll. There are also other Japanese specialties such as tempura, ramen and teriyaki.


4. Thai Orchidee: Thai Orchidee is a cozy and stylish restaurant that brings you the culinary delights of Thailand. The menu offers a variety of dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, herbs, coconut milk and curry paste. Whether you like Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai, Massaman Curry or Phat Krapao, you'll find it here. The portions are generous and the prices are fair.

5. Saigon: Saigon is a family-run restaurant that presents the authentic cuisine of Vietnam. The dishes are light, healthy and full of flavor. You can choose from a variety of soups, salads, rice and pasta dishes, refined with fresh herbs, limes, chili and fish sauce. The Pho Bo, the summer rolls and the Banh Xeo are particularly recommended.

6. China City: China City is a large and modern restaurant that shows you the diversity of Chinese cuisine. The restaurant offers an extensive buffet that includes both cold and warm dishes. You can help yourself to your heart's content and choose from various meat, fish, vegetable and rice dishes. There is also a Mongolian grill station where you can put together your own dish.

7. Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal is an elegant and exotic restaurant that serves the fine cuisine of India. The restaurant attaches great importance to the quality and freshness of the ingredients, as well as the right balance of spices. The menu offers a selection of starters, main courses and desserts from different regions of India, which can be both mild and spicy. For example, let yourself be tempted by the Chicken Tikka Masala, the Palak Paneer or the Mango Lassi.

8. Sakura: Sakura is a small and cozy restaurant that offers traditional Japanese cuisine. The restaurant specializes in sushi and teppanyaki, dishes fried on a hot iron plate. You can choose from different types of sushi, meat, fish and vegetable dishes, served with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. The food is fresh, tasty and healthy.

9. Thai Binh: Thai Binh is a friendly and familiar restaurant that offers you the authentic cuisine of Thailand and Vietnam. The restaurant has a large and varied menu that has something to suit every taste. Whether you prefer soups, salads, curries, rice or noodle dishes, you will be happy herecliché. Try, for example, the Tom Yam Gung, the papaya salad, the red curry or the Pho Ga.

10. Asia Imbiss: The Asia Imbiss is a small and quick snack bar that offers you the most popular Asian dishes to take away. The snack bar is ideal for those who have little time or are simply hungry. You can choose from a variety of dishes prepared with rice or pasta, as well as various types of meat, fish and vegetables. The food is cheap, tasty and filling.