The top 10 list of the best Asian restaurants in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a city with a diverse and lively culinary scene that offers something for every taste. The Asian restaurants, which range from traditional to modern, from cheap to upscale, and from spicy to mild, are particularly popular. In this blog post we present you our top 10 top list of the best Asian restaurants in Düsseldorf that you should definitely try.

1. Takumi: This restaurant is a haven for ramen lovers who can choose from a variety of noodle soups with different broths, toppings and levels of spiciness. The portions are generous and the quality is excellent. The Takumi is always busy, so it is advisable to come early or make a reservation.

2. Naniwa: If you're craving sushi, Naniwa is the place for you. This restaurant offers a wide range of fresh and creative sushi creations, which you can order either at the counter or at the table. Naniwa is also known for its tempura dishes and homemade desserts.

3. Octopus: This restaurant specializes in Korean cuisine with both traditional and modern interpretations. The menu includes dishes such as bibimbap, bulgogi, kimchi and tteokbokki, all prepared with great attention to detail. The Oktopus is comfortably furnished and has a friendly atmosphere.

4. Yabase: This restaurant is an insider tip for fans of Japanese cuisine who are looking for more than just sushi. Yabase offers an authentic and varied menu ranging from sashimi to teriyaki to udon. The ingredients are fresh and high quality, and the staff is competent and courteous.

5. Peking Duck: This restaurant is a classic for Chinese food lovers who want to enjoy the famous Peking Duck. The restaurant serves the crispy duck in three courses: first with pancakes and sauce, then with vegetables and rice, and finally with duck carcass soup. The Peking Ente is elegantly decorated and has good service.

6. Coco: This restaurant is a highlight for fans of Thai cuisine who want to be seduced by the aromatic and spicy dishes. Coco offers a varied menu ranging from soups to salads and curries. The dishes are fresh and tasty, and the portions are large.

7. Miss Moneypenny: This restaurant is a trendsetter for fans of Vietnamese cuisine who want to indulge in light and healthy dishes. Miss Moneypenny offers a modern and creative menu ranging from summer rolls to pho and banh mi. The restaurant is stylishly decorated and has a hip atmosphere.

8. Namaste: This restaurant is a favorite for Indian food lovers who want to indulge in exotic and fiery dishes. Namaste offers an extensive menu ranging from starters to main courses and desserts. The dishes are spicy and tasty, and the restaurant is comfortably furnished.

9. Mongos: This restaurant is an experience for adventurers of Mongolian cuisine who want to be surprised by the individual and original dishes. Mongos offers a concept where you can choose your ingredients from a buffet, which are then grilled on a hot plate. Mongos is vibrantly decorated and has a fun atmosphere.

10. Zen: This restaurant is a delight for connoisseurs of Pan-Asian cuisine who want to be impressed by the refined and elegant dishes. Zen offers an exquisite menu ranging from dim sum to sushi to teppanyaki. The restaurant is elegantly furnished and has excellent service.