The best Asian restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the world, known for its modern architecture, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. In addition to traditional Japanese cuisine, Tokyo also offers a wide selection of Asian restaurants serving specialties from China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. Whether you're in the mood for dim sum, gyoza, pho or curry, here are some of the best Asian restaurants in Tokyo.

1. Tim Ho Wan Japan

Tim Ho Wan is a famous Hong Kong dim sum chain known for its Michelin star award and affordable prices. There are several Tim Ho Wan branches in Tokyo, all offering fresh and delicious dim sum such as shrimp shumai, pork buns, rice noodles and more. The restaurant is usually very popular, so be prepared to wait or make a reservation in advance.

2. Gyopao Gyoza Roppongi

Gyopao Gyoza Roppongi is a Japanese-Chinese restaurant in Roppongi that specializes in gyoza. Gyoza are dumplings filled with various fillings such as pork, vegetables or cheese and fried or steamed. Gyopao Gyoza Roppongi offers a variety of gyoza varieties that you can order individually or as a set. Also try the other dishes such as rice noodles, mapo tofu or spring rolls.

3. Nabezo Shibuya Center Street

Nabezo Shibuya Center Street is a Japanese restaurant in Shibuya that offers Nabe. Nabe is a one-pot dish in which various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, tofu or noodles are cooked in a broth. You can choose from different broths such as soy, miso or kimchi and add your own ingredients. The restaurant also offers an all-you-can-eat menu. where you can eat as much nabe as you want.

4. Sushiryori Inose

Sushiryori Inose is a sushi restaurant in Shinagawa that sources fresh fish and seafood from Tsukiji Market. The restaurant is small and cozy and is run by a friendly sushi master who can recommend the best pieces. You can either à Order la carte or opt for the omakase menu. where the sushi master serves you a selection of sushi that he chooses for you.

5. Kikko

Kikko is a Japanese restaurant in Asakusa that offers Kaiseki. Kaiseki is a style of Japanese haute cuisine that consists of several small courses that showcase seasonal ingredients and sophisticated presentations. Kikko offers a Kaiseki menu. that contains both traditional and modern elements, such as sashimi, tempura, Wagyu beef or dessert. The restaurant only has eight seats at the counter, so make sure to reserve early.

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