Restaurant China Imbiss Shanghai in Minden


If you fancy Chinese food, you should visit the China Imbiss Shanghai restaurant in Minden. The restaurant offers a diverse selection of delicious dishes that you can either enjoy on site or take away. Whether you like fried noodles, crab, seafood or spaghetti, you'll find something to suit every taste here.

The China Imbiss Shanghai restaurant has a long tradition in Minden and is popular with the locals. The two owners are friendly and humorous and ensure a pleasant atmosphere. The staff is also quick and courteous. The restaurant is clean and comfortably furnished.

The China Imbiss Shanghai restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday and is located at Sandtrift 44 in 32425 Minden. You can contact the restaurant on 0571 62370 or reserve a table online.


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The China Imbiss Shanghai restaurant is a good address for anyone who loves or wants to try Chinese food. It offers quality, service and taste at fair prices. Try it yourself and let yourself be pampered by Chinese cuisine.

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