Restaurant Asia ANH ANH in Berlin

If you fancy Asian cuisine, then the Asia ANH ANH restaurant in Berlin is a good choice. The restaurant is located at Residenzstraße 85, near the Haci Bayram Mosque. Here you can try various dishes from China, Japan and Vietnam, such as sushi, noodle soups, rice dishes or meat specialties.

The Asia ANH ANH restaurant is a small and cozy shop, which radiates a peaceful atmosphere. The staff is friendly and strives to fulfill the wishes of the guests. The portions are sufficient and the prices are reasonable. The food is freshly prepared and tastes delicious. The menu shows the old prices, so you should ask if there are any changes before ordering.

The Asia ANH ANH restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m Open and closed on Sundays. You can also order takeaway or reserve a table. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and offers outdoor seating and a television.

Asia ANH ANH Restaurant has received mixed reviews on various review platforms. Some guests praise the food and service, others complain about the quality of the sushi or the incorrect delivery. So if you plan to take your food away, say the number out loud & clearly and preferably repeat 2..3 times.

The Asia ANH ANH restaurant is a simple and uncomplicated restaurant for everyone who likes Asian cuisine. If you want to eat something quickly or are looking for a change, then stop by.


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