Restaurant Asia Sushi Food in Berlin

If you fancy sushi and Asian cuisine, then the Asia Sushi Food restaurant in Berlin is a good choice. The restaurant offers a delivery service with which you can have the delicious dishes conveniently brought to your home or office. You can order online via and choose from a diverse menu.

The Asia Sushi Food restaurant offers you various sushi menus consisting of nigiri, Maki, Inside Out and other sushi variations exist. For example, you can use the menu Order 1 with 8 California Inside Out, 1 salmon nigiri, 1 tuna nigiri and 1 ebi nigiri or the menu; 10 with 8 Futo Maki, 8 Salmon Avocado Inside Out and 10 different Nigiri. If you prefer to eat vegetarian, you can choose from three vegetarian menus consisting of tamago, inari, shiitake, kappa and other ingredients.

In addition to sushi, the restaurant offers Asia Sushi Food also offers other Asian dishes, such as fried noodles or egg rice with various types of meat or fish, mango curry, soups, salads and starters. For example, you can order fried noodles with baked chicken breast or egg fried rice with beef. As a starter, you can try spring rolls or ebi tempura.

The Asia Sushi Food restaurant has received good reviews from its customers, who particularly praise the quality and freshness of the food. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and delivers within a 5 km radius for a certain minimum order value. So if you are looking for a good sushi and Asian restaurant in Berlin, then you should try the Asia Sushi Food restaurant.


Very delicious sushi selection